Top 5 uses of copper sulphate at home

Copper sulphate is one of the versatile components found in the nature. Copper sulphate, which is an inorganic compound is derived from the combination of copper and suphate. Copper sulphate is bright blue salt. Copper sulphate is also known as cupric sulphate,  chalcanthite, copper sulphite,  bluestone and blue vitriol.
Here are some of the uses of copper sulphate at home.

a) Fertilizer and Fungicide

Copper sulphate is mainly used for the agriculture purposes, in managing and protecing the crops. When it is used in crops, the copper content in the soil increases,  thereby it can be used as a fertilizer.

b) Clearing pipe

Do you have any issues with your pipe? Use copper sulphate as it is potent compound to clear all the issues with your pipes. It can clear root growth inside the pipes by terminating roots easily and safely.

c) Water Treatments

You might have seen that the unused water which is filled with algae that hinders the quality of water in lakes and ponds. But removing those algea by any other method will be a great issue for those living beings in the ponds. By using copper sulphate, you can be assured that fishes and other animal communities in the water are safe.

d) Control of pestcopper sulphate

In order to control the pest in the most natural way, copper sulphate can be used. It can be used to clear gardens and trees of unnecessary critters. Application of Bordeaux copper sulphate mixture to trees will be useful to kill snugs and snails. It protects the residential and commercial property from issues.

e) Etching

Using copper suphate will be beneficial to make an imprint on metals like aluminium, mild steel, zinc. This is useful in crafting. Combine copper sulphate, sodium chloride and water to make saline sulphate etch mixture to give beautiful marks on metal.

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