Things You Should Know About Concept Art

Before any kind of image turns into a final product that goes for modeling and rigging, the very first thing artist do is come up with concept art that gives everyone an idea about how a character should look or how to build the world and environment.This not only gives the artists to explore different art styles but also helps them in coming up with different characters and personalities. You can learn more about it by visiting Skillshare concept art tutorial.

Concept art is usually used in the media industry,mainly in gaming and 3D animation. Concept art usually goes through a lot of different changes and reworks before deciding on one. Sometimes, artists could get the world and environment right, but not the characters or their personalities to fit into the world or vice versa. This makes it difficult for artists to create something that complements all the elements of the project. Most high-budget projects save these concept arts to sell it to fans after the production. There are developers who sometimes add concept designs in the bundle and a lot of fans do actually value it highly.

What is the role of a concept artist?
The role of a concept artist is basically to imagine and create something that does not exist yet. It could be a character, a city, an item or even some unusual objects. A concept artist is required to research and know everything about the project which helps them create something that adheres to the requirements of their clients or supervisors, all the while keeping the target audience in mind. This is the reason why a lot of concept art gets reworked multiple times. Sometimes, an entire project gets canceled because the artists either fail to deliver on time, or they were unable to come up with something original. Which is why it is very crucial for a concept artist to have a very high level of creative skill.

Why is concept art important?
Concept art usually acts as a foundation around which an entire project gets based around. It is the very first step to bring your ideas to life. Not only in the media industry, but concept art is useful in car designing, logo designing, promotional events and a lot of different things. Concept art gives an idea of what genre a movie should be or how the gameplay should be when it comes to game designing and development. Sometimes even when the art is perfectly fine, developers tend to misunderstand the artists and give it completely different genre which could lead to a disaster. Which Is why it’s safe to say that almost everything depends on the initial concept art.

These are some of the things that you should know about concept art. If you’re interested in learning more, you can always visit Skillshare concept art tutorial.

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