Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile phones, it has never been easier to create or send videos and photos. Today, many SMEs are turning to social networks to share their stories and inspire their customers.There is no mystery: as everyone spends more time on their smartphone than in front of the television, it is on the web that commercial information circulates. The presence of social networks including Instagram has become a mandatory passage to promote its business, especially since the opening of an account is completely free. Several studies have shown that the impact of Instagram on the activities of SMEs is considerable. You can take our help to get more fans on Instagram

Promote a product or service

A picture has more effect than words since it realizes a moment comprehension of what is being transmitted. Joined by a couple of hashtags and effectively shared, the picture will have a more prominent effect than a basic content. Instagram highlights let you make “sheets” (collections), “pins” (relating to a retweet or Facebook offer) and know how clients and prospects outwardly respond to spaces. The interpersonal organization additionally makes it conceivable to share recordings, the most loved substance of the Internet clients to 76%. This correspondence channel is especially helpful for organizations that can express an inclination, a thought, a longing in no time flat. Thoughtfulness regarding its visual substance is one of Instagram’s key qualities as it can move clients everywhere throughout the world.

Focus on a more youthful customer base

The dominant part of Instagram clients isin the vicinity of 18 and 34 years of age and large. Their desires center principally around imagination and inventiveness. The test for SMEs is to address a more youthful group of onlookers that transfers data effectively and not simply on the informal organization. Instagram has turned into a fundamental system for the online networking procedure of organizations.

Optimize your cross-channel strategy and promote your brand universe

While Instagram has a significant impact on business activity, it cannot be used alone. It is a complement to other social networks. Indeed, to optimize their cross-channel strategy, SMEs will not be able to do without Facebook, which brings together more than one billion users. This presence on the web allows them to diversify content for a more effective content marketing strategy. Instagram is also a great tool to promote your brand. SMEs can develop a real brand universe through images of landscapes, places of production or actors who make their products live.

Building a community

The sharing of photos and videos gives the opportunity to SMEs to offer exclusive content to users but not only. Companies can also invite members of this community to participate in events or simply group them around a hashtag. With the User Generated Content (UGC), each company can promote the co-creation of content. Contact us for more fans on Instagram.

Instagram recently commissioned a study by Ipsos measuring the importance of the social network for entrepreneurs. This study, published on September 7, 2017, shows that eight out of ten Instagrammers follow at least one company and that 60% discover a service or a product. In addition, nearly 20% of users consult a company’s profile before making a purchase. Instagram is therefore a formidable tool for SMEs as it allows reaching new local and international audiences with a relatively modest budget.

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