Setting Up Your 24hr Car Workshop Singapore

Automobiles have Become a very intrinsic part of man’s life and it would be safe to assume that without cars life could come to a standstill, literally. Since the beginning of the steam powered tricycle in 1769, the prevalence of cars has been on the upswing. It is estimated that more than a billion vehicles are now on street with the number increasing at an alarming rate. Buying a car in Today’s economic conditions has become very difficult because of increasing taxation, inflation in cost of spare components and the ever rising gas prices. The most expensive element of having a car besides the gas prices is the labor and service charges that are collected from the service workshop. But there’s a way to save money if a person has a fantastic understanding of mechanics and tools. The solution is to set up your own automobile workshop.

Many issues can Be managed by the owner himself particularly like cleaning the air filter, changing oil or substituting a fused bulb if the owner is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. With the support of a personal automobile workshop, such tasks can be carried out easily and without needing to pay any excess cash to any outsider. Setting up a 24hr car workshop singapore requires some planning together with free private time. There are particular aspects of preparing the auto workshop including storage, ideal set of tools, electric sockets etc. Focusing on storage, It is crucial to maintain the workshop organized so that essential time is not wasting looking for small parts such as 8 mm nuts. Since bigger items like wheels can be put against the wall, it is advisable to buy set of drawers for things such as nuts and bolts. Additionally it is a good idea to separate various sizes of bolts and nuts and maintain them in marked jars or coffee cans. Also items like rolling toolboxes can be a luxury if time is of the essence.

car workshop

One can never have Enough electrical sockets so it is important to be certain there is at least a 60 amp subpanel and sockets every 7 feet all around. Since welders and compressors take a whole lot of power it always pays to be safe instead of being sorry. Also there ought to be abundance of fluorescent lighting because proper lighting is a really important part of a vehicle workshop. Nothing feels sweeter Than driving your own car but what makes it even better is the fact that your do not have to see a mechanic or workshop for petty issues if you have your own automobile workshop.

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