Melanotan Mixing and Dosing Instructions

It is an act of dissolving the freeze dried powder in sterile liquid medium that is ready for the injection or in spray for the nasal administration. This will be accomplished with sterile injectable water, bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride.

For the Injection

There is not much to consider except melanotan 2 mixing dosage.

Suppose you want to make use of doses of below 500mcg it will be good to use 2 ml (or 200 units) of water. Suppose you want to use the doses of 500 mcg and more then you may use 1 ml (100 units). It allows you accurately measure the doses when not injecting more fluid than needed.

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Firstly, you need to gather the supplies…

  • 1 vial or ampule of water
  • 1 vial Melanotan
  • 1 Sterile wipe
  • 1 syringe

First, you need to take the Melanotan vial & pop off its top of vial to reveal rubber stopper and wipe with a swab.

In case using the bacteriostatic water, you must pop off its top of vial (applicable) to reveal rubber stopper. And wipe with a swab. In case using the sterile injectable water and sodium chloride, you can twist off its top of ampule

Then insert the syringe in a vial or ampule and hold this upside down.

Withdraw the water & inject this slowly in Melanotan vial aiming on its side, and not powder. It takes many attempts based on size of the syringes – with 1ml syringe you may have to inject two full syringes of the water in Melanotan vial when mixing with 2 ml of water.

Place in a fridge for some hours or overnight when powder dissolves, and you may swirl or tilt this vial to help. Also, some residue might stay.

For the Nasal Spray

This will be accomplished in several ways; most used way is mixing freeze peptide with the sterile water and transfers this in nasal spray bottle. But, you may mix this with over the counter mist which will allow for the better use. Suppose using this and mixture is thin you may substitute water and remove a little to reconstitute.

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