Justice league- A superhero film

Justice League is a super hero film which included 7 of the Dc Comic’s superhero, those were- Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Winder Woman.  With all the super heroes in it, this film became the best action film. In fact the poster of this film was nominated for best action poster. This film was released in 2017 and its sequel is expected soon. All the super heroes together try to stop the demon from wiping out the humanity.  Justice League was the one film which Marvel wanted to make for a long time. This action packed film is not different from other Marvel films.

Justice League Poster

Justice League poster which was released first showed an influence of wonder woman has had done on DC movies. The poster was made with bright and vibrant colours. Each colour of super heroes was highlighted. The new poster released was with Superman in it. The new poster clearly showed that DC movies will be releasing with Superman as the main lead hero but how was the mystery.  The poster was able to attract lots of audience. The poster made the audience wait enthusiastically wait for the movie. The poster justified the concept of the movie also made sure that the comic book essence remains in it. Most of the Marvel fan also love to have the posters of the character and films. Justice League poster are also very popular. Popularity has made Justice League posters easily available in market or online. One can easily purchase from anywhere. One of the famous online store where you can buy good quality Justice League posters is www.dcmarvel.store . This online store offers two posters, very well made.

  1. Justice League Poster silk Canvas Fabric Paint: this canvas has 5 superheroes picture on it, back to back. Each character has different vibrant colour background underneath. The colours include grey, blue, red, green and yellow. The canvas has is made up of silk with fabric paint on it.
  2. 2017 Movie Justice League Poster Silk Printing: this poster is toward blue shade comprising of different Justice League characters. Each character is highlighted in beautiful way.

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