How do swim lane template works with PowerPoint?

There are a lot of different types of free templates available to help in various process of product development in business. Certain templates include roadmap template, swim lane template and more to help in processes including marketing and others. Other than marketing roadmap template there is also marketing swimlane template which helps in process visualization too.

The Swim lane usually helps in documenting and process visualization in and around various organisations. This swim lane diagrams are sometimes popularly called as cross functional charts. There are several uses for swim lane template used in marketing. They are as follows,

  1. When an organization is in need of a flowchart containing lesser actors (i.e. below seven) to visualize the process flow.
  2. When you are in need to visualize more number of actors then a process must be divided into sub processes and work on it.
  3. But if the organization is using any other type of template for the project already, then using this swim lane template will not be a good idea.
  4. If collaboration and repeated edition is necessary, use marketing swimlane template. In each process, overview along with the inputs and outputs and flow of the process is mentioned.
  5. Two stages of templates represent two steps in the process development. Aim of these templates is to create a flow diagram to make the audience understand it.
  6. Highlighting swim lanes and steps of the process will help in getting the message finally. Since swimlane templates provide easy edit ability, the creation of new template would happen in very few roadmap template
  7. Rather than a text based understanding of the processes visualized form will make you understand very well. This involves process mapping using swim lane diagrams so as to provide utmost transparency to everyone.
  8. It helps to differentiate between roles and responsibilities for every sub process. In here, Parallel lines are drawn to make the chart into two or more lanes, where each lane is for a group or a single person.
  9. Even complex processes with complex relationships can be easily visualized with the help of swim lane. The text or word explanation in either easy or complex may be hard to understand or even has a possibility to get ignored.
  10. These helps in identifying and solving inefficiencies and also bottleneck issues. Responsibilities of both team and the whole department are easily understandable.

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