GABA – The King of Stress Supplements

Anyone who has drunk too much coffee knows all about tremors. While coffee is an excellent way to wake up, too much can cause symptoms that are very similar to anxiety. In fact, the first thing that people suffering from anxiety, as a rule, is to remove beverages with caffeine, such as the Johanhu ritual cup.

Reasons to use gaba

The reason why coffee can cause chills is because it is known that caffeine is the notorious GABA inhibitor. Although you may think that this is a cover for a famous Swedish pop group, GABA is really a neurotransmitter that helps block some nerve impulses. While most neurotransmitters, including glutamate (the amino acid from which GABA is produced), act as excitatory transmitters that cause impulses of neurons, gaba supplement anxiety does the exact opposite. Actually it says that your nerves do not fire, which provides a calming effect on the body.

calming effect on the body

Therefore, when you drink too much coffee, the caffeine molecules bind to the site where GABA usually binds, cutting it, and the signal to stop the impulse is not recorded in your neural network, therefore, “Jitters”. In addition to an overdose of your favorite beverage in the world, there are things that can lead to a lack of GABA in your brain. It has been found that people suffering from depression and anxiety attacks (which go hand in hand) tend to have lower levels of this important amino acid. Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy and the start of the menstrual cycle, can also lead to lower levels than optimal GABA levels. In addition, avoiding opiates and other pain killers can also cause GABA to fall, leading to restless legs syndrome, anxiety and tics. For this reason, natural opiate withdrawal products, such as ease of extraction, include GABA in their formulas.

GABA kit

While the body makes its own GABA kit, it has been shown that using it as a supplement helps relieve the symptoms of anxiety and restlessness in some people. Although there is still some debate in the medical community about whether gaba supplement dosage anxiety can actually cross the blood-brain barrier to influence neural pathways, favorable reports have been received about their use, especially in relation to certain vitamins, herbs and minerals that help increase the effect of this tranquilizer neurotransmitter. For example, it is believed that Valerian Ruth works by increasing the effectiveness of GABA. Tryptophan (a material found in turkey and milk) and American ginseng also help to optimize its effectiveness.

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