About Risks Of Eyelash Extensions And Their Benefits

Eyelash extensions are a semipermanent solution for creating eyelashes that look made up without mascara.

Benefits of eyelash extensions

  • Since they eliminate the necessity for mascara, eyelash extensions are a big, daily time saver when putting on and beginning makeup.
  • If you routinely wear false eyelashes, you will save even more time. Also, you can say goodbye to getting stuck with glue and having your false eyelashes come off beforehand.
  • You furthermore may have many options with eyelash extensions. You can choose the length, sort of curl, and thickness of the extensions you would like.

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

  • swelling
  • temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes
  • skin irritation of the eyelid
  • infection of the eyelid or cornea


  • stinging and burning in the eye and on the eyelid
  • severe swelling
  • red or bloodshot eyes
  • itching
  • pain
  • rash

eyelash extensions

How are eyelash extensions applied?

are eyelash extensions safe? They take two hours to apply. The procedure will happen in a comfortable environment. You’ll either sit or recline back.


  • After cleansing, avoid accidentally glueing your natural lower lashes to your upper ones; your clinician will tape your lower lashes to your skin with surgical tape.
  • Your natural eyelashes are going to be isolated, typically with a tweezer or other device.
  • An artificial lash will adhere to the highest of the isolated lash with a small drop of glue.
  • This process is going to be repeated for the whole lid of both eyes.
  • The eye receiving lashes must be closed for the procedure.

When correctly applied by a licensed and trained professional, eyelash extensions are secure, thanks to enhancing the design of natural lashes. When incorrectly used or incorrect adhesive, they will cause discomfort, infection, and permanent lash loss.

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